An Interview with Mozes from Cantina

We caught up with Mozes from Cantina to talk about the show and how he got involved in performing


What is your performing background?

I started as a street performer before training's an aerialist and have spent the bulk of my performing career before Cantina making shows with the Australian company Acrobat. 

What is your favourite part of the show?

Personally my favourite part of the show is when my costume fly's off and I'm left naked in my magic act, even though I know it's coming it still takes me by surprise. 

What should audiences expect from Cantina?

I think the audience should expect a very intimate experience with skills that will keep them on the edge of their seats, they can also expect a good laugh.

There are a number of quite different instruments used to create the music in this show; can you tell us about these?

We have a collection of various winding instruments the biggest being apianola which doubles as a performing surface, a barrel organ (think organ grinder less the monkey) and the smallest of these is a tiny music box. We also use a musical saw and suitcase double bass.

What's it like working with the rest of the cast?

We are all friends who like each other's company which is helpful when on tour.

Do you ever let fear get the better of you when performing these tricks?

I'd have to say no I don't let fear get the better of me, if it was getting the better of me I wouldn't put that particular trick in the show.

What do you hope audiences will take away from Cantina?

I hope the older audience members in particular walk away having experienced a peek at the good old days .

What are you most looking forward about performing in Christchurch?

Apart from being a chance to see other shows I'm interested in experiencing Christchurch for the first time and as it is after the earthquake.

Who is your inspiration when creating and performing in these shows?

A Street Car Named Desire was a big inspiration for me during the making of Cantina


Mozes performs in Cantina

Mozes performs in Cantina