Youth Ambassador Review: Anybody Waitin'

Charlie went along to Anybody Waitin' last night, and had a great time with the energetic Irish crew!

Waltz on into CBD bar and grab yourself a drink before you head upstairs, while you wait. Wait for something to happen… But be careful not to spill your drink when it does! 

The Irish dancer/comedians of Ponydance will burst into this show with an abundance of flair and vivacity. I hardly noticed time going by as Paula conducted our attention right from the beginning, her cheeky smile and sharp wit set the scene for a brilliant show where you can't help but be involved in the fun. 

How do four dancers manage to entertain a room full of people in the space of about 9 square metres? In tracksuits, leopard print, and spandex?  They keep the pace moving, keep you giggling and waiting to see what antics will occur next, whilst performing high kicks, turns, jumps and even some lifts! 

I noticed delight within the audience as they participated in one way or another, there was cheering, group routines and even a bit of a costume change for two lucky gentlemen!  

If you like to be entertained and have a good sense of humour, Anybody Waitin' will keep you occupied for sure.