Youth Ambassador Review - Baroque Dawn To Dusk

Our Youth Ambassador Mel went along to Baroque Dawn To Dusk on Sunday. Here's her review.

The Barocca concert A Baroque Dawn to Dusk featured Erin Helyard on Harpsichord, Kamala Bain playing Recorders, Emma Goodbehere playing Cello and Rowena Simpson singing various 17th and 18th Century European Baroque compositions. 

The programme was arranged into 6 distinctive sections (Dawn, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Dusk, and Night). Throughout these sections we heard how the musical styles differ between the French compositions that are "symmetrical, poised and clear" and the Italian compositions that are more "extroverted". 

Dawn, with Helyard and Bain, on Harpsichord and Recorder respectively, featured some very delicate, ornamented French music which was followed by Morning and Midday that featured Italian composers Vivaldi and Pergolesi. Morning showed the audience Goodbehere's nimble cello playing, complimented with clean and precise fast passages in the continuo parts of the Pergolesi. In the Midday section, we heard Simpson singing a beautiful Vivaldi Aria 'Avezzo non è il core' from All'ombra di sospetto RV678. This Aria was well balanced by a delicate continuo section and fluttery recorder part. This was followed by a barnyard themed Afternoon section, which used tone painting to imitate the "La Poule" and "Le Rappel des Oiseaux" (translated as The Chicken and The Recall Birds). Throughout this suite, the theme of the chicken is repeated and makes the barnyard theme come to life with ornamentation and repetition. In the Dusk section, a theme of churches was portrayed, with a fast and very agile vocal part, which was imitated by the recorder and complimented with chordal passages by the cello and harpsichord.  Finally, the Night section, displayed the fantastic musicianship of this group in George Frideric Handel's Cantat Nel dolce dell'onlio.  

Barocca play with great enthusiasm and combine well as a group when performing. They are a very talented group of musicians, whom New Zealand audiences should be hearing more of in the future.