Youth Ambassador Review - Fault Lines

Our youth ambassador, Beth, checked out Fault Lines last night, here are her thoughts....

A beautiful representation of the intimate human stories that are left behind in the disaster of an earthquakes, Fault Lines explores the affects of earthquakes through a stunningly, contemporary art form. A collaboration between Cantabrian choreographer, Sara Brodie and the Leshan Song and DanceTroupe, their experiences in the Christchurch and Sichuan earthquakes help to shape this hauntingly beautiful piece.  The eerie smoke evoked memories that helped to set the scene perfectly for a story that was so emotionally engaging.

The dance was a mixture of complex emotion as the troupe moved through grief, sorrow, humour and confusion, reactions that were so relevant to the Christchurch audience. The abstract portrayal of the disaster did not affect the realistic quality of emotion that was so apparent in the work, it was clear that the performers had experienced first-hand the horrors of the earthquake. There were moments I really felt a connection with the performers, as one lone girl held a photo frame to her chest; I could seethe pain in her eyes.

This beautiful piece of international collaboration really worked. The portrayal of such complex emotion was dealt with so delicately; the piece was so abstract, yet so realistic. Fault Lines is a beautiful story of both the horrors of earthquakes and the resilience of those who survive.