Youth Ambassador Review: Live at Six

One of our Youth Ambassadors, Beth, went along to Live at Six on opening night. Here's what she thought of the performance


Desperately trying to get footage of a drunken Jane Kenyon in the foyer, I was instantly captured by the exciting drama of Showpony's Live at Six. As I used my iPhone to email the footage to the crew, I was intrigued about what was to come. And I was not disappointed. We were thrust into a breaking news scandal after our footage from the foyer had been leaked onto YouTube. TVNZ was on damage control, in an attempt to save the image of their leading female news anchor, while TV3 scrambled to find an angle to ruin her career entirely. The result was a compelling story that combined hilarious comedy with ethical questions about the media that held true depth.

The technology had to be the star of the show as it weaved in and out of the story, creating such a fast paced and innovative show. But it was the cast that had me stumped, surely they had to be real journalists right? They had the voices of true news presenters! I was taken aback by the realism of their performances and as the two young editors from each network put together the footage, working throughout the interval, I was intrigued as the angle they each would take. And boy, I was not disappointed! To see all the events of the night wrap up into two short bulletins rounded out a thrilling piece of theatre; this show is definitely not one to miss.

And don't forget your smartphone!