Youth Ambassador Review: Party with the Aunties

Our Youth Ambassador Beth headed along to the hilarious show Party with the Aunties last night. Check out her review of the show!

Its Uncle Angus' birthday party and to celebrate him finally reaching the "residential speed limit" the Aunties have thrown him a birthday party. Family have come all the way from Perth to Wellington to celebrate Angus' 50th at the Christchurch Football Club, providing plenty of drama and hilarious antics.

Three very talented actors make up the entire cast, weaving in and out of a dozen different characters with ease and believability. The versatility of each of the performers was astounding, as all three actors took their turns singing and playing the guitar. Their charisma translated into each of the characters, which bought excitement and energy to the piece. 

In a clever use of space, the three performers mingled with audience members in a relaxed, party-like atmosphere at the Football Club, using the bathrooms and interacting with bartenders to set the scene perfectly. As the party draws to a close, the show takes a more serious tone, and suddenly you find yourself invested in each of the characters and praying that all will sort itself out.

The fresh, impromptu nature of this show mixed with the talented performers, makes for a very special piece of theatre. Be prepared hilarity, excitement, sing-alongs and an all-round great night as you party with the Aunties!