Youth Ambassador Review: Vaka

Our Youth Ambassador Liv went along to Vaka on Friday night. Here's what she thought....

Vaka performed by Black Grace and choreographed by Neil Ieremiais a stunning show performed by a chorus of talented dancers.

It was a moving piece that captured the attention of everyone right from the very beginning. Almost in a trace, I watched the dancers in awe as they moved with such ease around the stage, as if gravity was not an issue at all. It was unlike any dance show I had ever seen, and I love every minute of it.

The music used complimented the piece nicely; almost tribal like music, and the sound effects of water and nature brought a sense of calmness. What I admire the most was the unity among all the dancers, it was clear there was a strong connection between all these dancers and it meant the piece was far more effective. 

Vaka was a captivating dance show that had me totally engrossed in it from the very beginning. The obvious hard work that the dancers put into the show defiantly paid off as Vaka is one of the best dance shows I have seen. It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to watch this impressive performance.