School Programme

Christchurch Arts Festival has an exciting programme for primary, intermediate and secondary school students.

Engage with theatre, music, opera and visual art in these fantastic opportunities with many activities and events taking place at your school.


Contact the festival staff at to book these shows for your school.

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Capital E Production / New Zealand

From her hideaway in a 
museum basement comes Ivy,
 a cleaning lady with a difference. Her humble set of wheels may look like a cleaning cart, but
just wait and see where - and when - that time-travelling trolley is about to take you.

Join our heroine of hygiene as she takes you on a whirlwind trip through history. From a clash with Cleopatra to schmoozing with Shakespeare, and even a detour to the moon - our quirky queen
 of clean lets nothing distract her from her mission to save the dinosaurs from certain extinction.

With a cinematic score from Gareth Farr, this production from the Capital E National Theatre for Children" will warm the hearts and spark the imaginations of audiences of all ages."

When: 2 - 6 September, two performances a day, morning and afternoon
Ivy venues are
Hornby High School
Tuesday 3rd September 1.15 - 2.10pm
Madras Street
Thursday 5 Sept 1.15 - 2.10pm; Friday 6 Sept 10.30 - 11.25am
Years: 1 - 8 and supporting teachers



Adam Page

This live-looping musical wizard takes his musical magic into schools! Fascinating and fun for children of all ages.

Get more details on Adam's evening performance.
Watch a preview of Adam's show.

When: 9 - 20 September, two schools per day, morning and afternoon performances/workshops
Years:  1 - 13 and supporting teacher

* Workshops will also be available for groups of 15 - 30 students


Tanya Batt

Tanya tells stories from all around the world! She will visit schools throughout Christchurch to weave her stories for young and old.

When: 26 August - 6 September
Years: NE - Year 6 and supporting teachers (up to 50 students at each session)


Niu Sila

Auckland Theatre Company / New Zealand

Two of New Zealand's top comedy writers - Oscar Kightley and Dave Armstrong - tackle an oddball friendship spanning 30 years, two cultures, one cricket team and one street.

Funny and poignant, irreverent yet touching, Niu Sila is set in 1970s New Zealand where six- year-old Ioane Tafiola, fresh off the boat from a Pacific Island moves in next door to six-year-old Kiwi kid Peter Burton. They begin an unlikely friendship that will change their lives.

Click here for Niu Sila education pack

When: 16 - 20 September, two performances a day, morning and afternoon
Niu Sila venues are
St Margaret's College
Wednesday 18 Sept 1.00 - 2.30pm
Cashmere High
Thursday 19 Sept 1.30 - 3.00pm
Years: 11 - 13. 


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