Sold Out


Escape with Leo into a world of the impossible ... a gravity-defying show which will trick your brain, challenge your senses and leave you wondering which way is up.

Selling Fast

Anybody Waitin'

We’re all waiting for something, mostly for something to happen: come for good dancing, good looks and a good time.

Sold Out

No Depression

The Eastern shakes off the road dust and brings a rollicking, reaffirming roustabout through the history of the kiwi folk song...


Four estranged brothers return to the family home to mourn their father Bob.

With Bold Needle and Thread

Well-known columnist and craft expert Rosemary McLeod offers an enticing collection of 47 vintage projects with a modern twist.

The State of the Play

Three very different and exciting playwrights discuss what inspires, challenges and intrigues them.